Warranty Policy:

Our warranty covers any defect or malfunction resulting from the build process and failure under normal usage. The warranty covers but is not limited to: non-registering buttons or smart modifications, stick drift and/or D.O.A’s. Warranties regarding mic and charging port issues caused by physical damage are case by case basis.

All warranties are Return to Base (RTB) warranties. This means that courier costs associated with returns are to be met by the customer. If the warranty claim is valid MAD Controllers will cover the return cost.

Warranty covers:

If your MAD PRO FPS controller breaks or becomes faulty within 120 days since receipt, we will repair it. If your MAD PRO FPS controller has any hardware defects we will repair your controller. This includes all hardware modifications performed by MAD Controllers.

Covered by this warranty is analog drifting, unresponsive buttons, charging issues.


This Warranty will be voided and will not be applicable if a defect has occurred due to:

  • Issues caused by external heat, moisture, and/or physical damage.
  • Charging the controller with a power cord that exceeds the rated tolerance for the controller.
  • Any evidence of any tampering including, an attempt by you or a third party to open, dismantle, customize, or modify the MAD PRO FPS Controller.
  • Damage to, or unreasonable use of the controller.
  • Commercial use of the controller.
  • Controllers that have experienced excessive force.